Will Pakistan see political change in 2021 – with Alia Amirali


This talk was live-streamed on Facebook

Saturday, Jan 23 -1 pm Ontario & Quebec time
10 am British Columbia, 11 am Mountain, 2 pm Atlantic
(England 6 pm; Pakistan 11 pm; India 11.30 pm)

Link   fb.me/pakistanicanadians

ALIA AMIRALI, an intellectual-activist is a notable figure in the left Awami (Peoples) Workers Party (AWP).

She was actively involved in the Lawyers’ Movement against General Musharraf’s ’emergency’ rule and has been a strong advocate for the restoration of student unions banned by another military dictator, General Zia-ul-Haq. She played an active role in the rebuilding of the progressive National Students Federation (NSF) of which she served as former General Secretary (Punjab).

Ms. Amirali is also a feminist scholar currently doing a PhD in Gender Studies.