Omar Latif crosses over (1952-2021)

10 August, 2021 – The Committee of Progressive Pakistani Canadians is staggered at the loss of our dear comrade Omar Latif.

To say we are shattered does not express the depth of our loss.As many know, and we have shared, Omar had some health challenges of late, but we were optimistic about his recovery. After surgery, despite complications, he was in stable condition.

A short while ago, doctors removed his breathing tube and were prepared to intervene with a medical procedure, but there were complications.

After speaking with Omar, he asked to stop all interventions and after a while peacefully passed away.

We know he touched many people in many parts of the world and know that you share in the tragedy of his loss.

The CPPC will plan an event to remember Omar – his work, his vision, his activism and his great big heart. We will let you know, but for now we would like to take some time to grieve.

We will post here, on our Facebook page and on our Twitter account when we have details of a funeral or a gathering in his memory. Until then, kindly be patient.