The Committee

The Committee of Progressive Pakistani-Canadians is made up of progressive Pakistani-Canadians from across the Country and overseas.

6 thoughts on “The Committee

  1. Alistair MacDonald

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I am a reporter at the Wall Street Journal. I am looking to write a story about the Pakistani community in Canada. I want to talk to as many peopel from the community as possible on how well they believe they do in Canada

    Do you have anybody at your association who deals with the press?


    Alistair MacDonald
    The Wall Street Journal
    416 306 2016
    Twitter – @macdonaldajm

  2. Manpreet Dhillon

    I am looking for a few images that represent Pakistanis in BC, the older the better. Any idea of who I may be able to talk to that may have pictures and I can get the rights? It is for a video Celebrating South Asians in BC. I want to ensure that all South Asian Cultures are being represented.

  3. Colin Boyd Shafer

    Dear Progressive Pakistani – Canadians.

    I am writing to find participants and support for my upcoming portrait project which was featured in today’s Metro News:

    The basic premise is to take a portrait of one person from every country, who now calls Toronto home – since Toronto may be the most cosmopolitan city in the entire world. The project will be online, and culminate in the form of a book, as well as a gallery tour.

    This project will not happen unless people/organizations like you join me. So please check out the campaign page on indiegogo:

    It would be great if your organization can help in sharing it with people in your network born outside of Canada who now call Toronto (including GTA) ‘home,’ as well as spreading the word among those you think would be interested in such a cultural art project.

    For those born outside of Canada and now considering Toronto home, the application is here:

    Your support means the world to me, and I really think this project is going to be impactful. Any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Also, if you have other ideas of partnership, or if you have any relevant contacts, they would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    Colin Boyd Shafer

  4. Paulina

    I’m interested in attending the upcoming talk re Sectarian Violence to be given by Dr. Tahir Kamran this coming Fri and Sat (Aug 23 and 24) in Toronto and Mississauga.

    However, neither the location nor time is given for either dates on your website. Instead there is a note ‘TBA’.

    So, could you please send me the info for both venues (Toronto and Mississauga)?
    Also, for others who might be interested in attending, could you plz also post the same on your website?


  5. Brishkay Ahmed

    I would like to speak to a member of your organization. I am a documentary filmmaker and doing some research for my project and need to connect with people such as those representing your organization.

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