NDP victory in Alberta

Statement of the Committee of Progressive Pakistani-Canadians, May 19, 2015

The Committee of Progressive Pakistani-Canadians congratulates the NDP on its victory in Alberta, a significant political development in the life of that province and Canada. This accomplishment, though a surprise, was built on the hard work of the current and past members of the NDP – and the fact that the ‘ordinary’ people of Alberta are looking for policies that will favour them rather than the corporations and the rich.

The CPPC stands for:

  • A secular society with separation of state and religion
  • Equality of all regardless of gender, ethnicity and belief
  • Peace – and against imperialist wars, Islamic fundamentalism and Islamophobia
  • Genuinely democratic governments of the people, by the people, for the people – not by the 1%!

We also believe that the natural resources of Canada should be owned and utilized in an environmentally responsible way in the interests of the people of Canada, first and foremost those of the First Nations.

The wealthy, and the mass media that represent their views has, predictably, come out in opposition to the victory of your party and the potential it has of implementing policies which include fairer taxation and improving the lives of working people. The NDP has an overwhelming majority in the legislature: we urge you to bring in proportional representation to make elections more fair than currently, something which we hope will be emulated by other provinces and at the federal level.

We hope that the NDP will represent its constituents in the best way possible – to promote progressive legislation and to oppose laws that only benefit the rich and otherwise privileged.

Hoping that the victory of the of the NDP in Alberta on May 5 turns out to be a May Day gift which the working people of that province – and the country – can really benefit from.