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Notes from Omar Latif on behalf of CPPC (Hina Jilani event)

The immediate impetus for today’s event came from the murder of the Minister for Minority Affairs and prominent Pakistani Christian, Shahbaz Bhatti. We wish to pay condolences to his family, and to that of the Governor of the Punjab Salman Taseer, and the many others who have become victims of religious terrorism – specially that linked to the Blasphemy Law.

Before we turn to our program, a couple of notes: First, our heartfelt sympathies go to the people of Japan who are suffering grievously from last week’s earthquake and tsunami, and now risk radiation.

Secondly, we extend our support to the people of Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Yemen etc. who seek national independence, genuine democracy, equality for all, the use of natural resources for people’s needs and a socially just economic order. Continue reading