The Massacre of Over 80 Ahmedis in Pakistan – Yet Another Crime by Fundamentalist Terrorists

We, the undersigned Canadians of Pakistani origin,
strongly condemn the massacre of over eighty, and
the wounding of many more Ahmedi citizens of
Pakistan assembled in their mosques in Lahore to
offer Friday prayers on May 28, 2010.
Our heart-felt sympathies and condolences go to the
loved ones of those killed and injured in the brutal
and unprovoked attacks.

The harassment, persecution and killing of Ahmedis
which began in the early 1950s – and has come to
include Christians, Zikris and Shias in the intervening
six decades – is partly an attempt to divide people
and partly to divert their attention from the pressing
issues of poverty and inequality and denial of
national rights fostered by an undemocratic and
exploitative setup.

We deplore the escalating trend in Pakistan to
promote hatred and religious bigotry against the
Ahmedi community through the media of mass
communication, press and pulpit.

We condemn the negligence at all levels of the
government of Pakistan to restrain and prosecute
under law all those who openly incite violence
against the Ahmedi, or any religious community,
through their inflammatory speeches, sermons and

As the Asia Human Rights Commission points out,
Ahmedi citizens of Pakistan do not have the right to
vote under the eighth amendment of the 1973
Constitution and have no freedom to practice their
faith, belief, practice or worship. In spite of its claim
to be a democracy the government of Pakistan has
shown no inclination to repeal its disgraceful laws
and regulations against the Ahmedis.

We demand that the present democratically
elected parliament of Pakistan remove from the
constitution of the country and all statute books
discriminatory clauses and regulations referring to the
religious beliefs and institutions of minority citizens, and
withdraw forthwith the much abused ‘blasphemy law’.

We urge the present government of Pakistan to take
full responsibility for the protection of life and liberty
of all its citizen, irrespective of their religious beliefs,
national or ethnic affiliation or political creed, and
stop hiding behind phony assertions of “foreign

We demand that the political leadership of Pakistan
return to the golden rule enunciated by Quaid-e-
Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah that “religion has no
place in the affairs of the state.”

May 29, 2010
Abbas Syed (Committee of Progressive Pakistani-
Abdul Hamid Bashani (South Asian People’s Forum)
Anwar Ahmad (Society of Pakistani Professionals
and Academics)
Frank Saptel (The Left Institute)
Haider Nizamani
Hassan Nawaz Gardezi (Committee of Progressive
Khair Mohammad Kolachi
Munir Pervaiz (Saami)
Nadeem Ahmed
Nazeer Chaudhry
Omar Latif (Committee of Progressive Pakistani-
Pervaiz Salahuddin (Family of the Heart)
Syed Azeem (South Asian People’s Forum)
Tariq Amin Khan
Zahid Makhdoom
Zulfiqar Gilani (Pashtun Peace Forum)